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The first step of any adventure is to see beyond —
beyond doubts, limitations, and obstacles. 

The embodiment of seeing beyond, Scott and Shayna have traveled the world speaking at

K-12 deaf schools, organizations, events and conferences, recounting their experience climbing some of the world's tallest peaks, how they climb over obstacles as deaf mountaineers and providing inspirational words of wisdom that they garnered through their adventures.

Some of the many topics included:

  • Climbing over obstacles as deaf mountaineers 

  • Goal-setting

  • Pursuing passions and dreams

  • Equity in the outdoors for deaf and hard of hearing people

  • Deaf and disabled representation

Each presentation will take your audience to the peaks of mountains as Scott and Shayna unfold their interactive and inspirational stories accompanied with never-seen-before photographs and film, and hands-on demonstrations. 

Invite Scott & Shayna to speak at your next event

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