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Scott Lehmann and Shayna Unger


Empowering the future deaf and hard of hearing youth to explore the outdoors, see beyond, dream beyond, and achieve beyond their wildest dreams.

As deaf mountaineers, Scott and Shayna know that they can do anything they want to — but they also are realistic about having faced more barriers than most mountaineers, including communication, deaf representation, and access to mountaineering information, along with encountering misconceptions and lowered expectations. Facing such challenges has strengthened the duo’s desire to make mountain climbing accessible to people from marginalized communities, especially deaf and hard of hearing youth.

K-12 Deaf School Presentation

Scott's and Shayna's efforts have impacted thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing children across the country. Through immersive and interactive talks, they take students on a journey as they share their climbing stories. The presentations are hands-on; audience members can touch and even use gear, attempt to pull weighed-down sleds, and experience trying on mountaineering gear and equipment.

Scott Lehmann and Shayna Unger


Shayna and Scott harnessed the power of social media by giving deaf and hard of hearing kids everywhere the opportunity to submit videos in ASL to ask about mountain climbing. It was thrilling to see deaf and hard of hearing kids’ eyes light up with understanding as the duo responded to the kids’ questions in ASL. 

Recounting the story of climbing Denali
Summit of Denali
Denali 17k Camp
The Climb to Denali's 14k Camp